Voice & data wiring, and Samsung voice mail systems.


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- Samsung Phone & Voice Processing Systems
- Network Wiring
- Certification Testing - Cat. 5E thru 6A, fiber
- Computer Room Design & Construction

Computerized voicemail systems Chriscom sells and installs advanced Samsung OfficeServ phone and
voice processing systems to meet a wide range of needs; from small
businesses and large homes with a half dozen phones, to large
enterprises with hundreds of phones. Samsung's "OS" family of
products ranges from the capacity for 24 phones, to 250 phones on a
single system. Furthermore, by connecting cabinets together over the
Internet using Samsung's IP networking hardware and software, we can
configure distributed systems with thousands of phones. Samsung's IP
phones and SoftPhones also permit users to remain connected to their
office via the Internet from any broadband connection in the world... More  

Computer room, data and voice cabling Chriscom works hard to be the best wiring contractor in the business. If we can save you money by re-certifying legacy wiring, we will tell you. We install Category 5E and higher products, including wire, jacks, patch panels and patch cords built to comply with the Category 6A (Augmented) standard intended for data rates up to 10G. We install products by all manufacturers, including Panduit, Leviton, Allen Tel, Avaya, Berk-Tek, General Cable and others. We certify copper and fiber with our Agilent Wirescope 350 or Fluke DTX testers, and offer Cat. 6A testing with the DTX. We do jobs of all sizes; our largest job to date included over 12,000 drops, with over 200 equipment racks and several hundred fiber connections. We travel out of state and even overseas when our customers require it; to date we have done jobs in at least 30 cities outside California, and 6 countries. Chriscom installs campus wiring plants, with experience in both underground and aerial construction. We also have extensive experience with special-needs projects, which often include the design, fabrication and installation of custom cable ways and structural elements... More 



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