Christenson Communications' network cabling services


Welcome to Chriscom Network Cabling

Chriscom has done data and voice wiring for more than 20 years. In the beginning of 1999, we finished a 22-floor project for the State of California. We terminated over 3,500 quad jacks; ran thousands of feet of optical fiber, and tested over 12,000 cables.

Chriscom has installed copper and fiber cables both underground and overhead to tie buildings together. We subcontract trenching and pavement patching. We dig and install intercept vaults and manholes ourselves.

Chriscom has designed and fabricated a great many special steel and aluminum structures to support cable trays. When necessary, we work with registered engineers to perform sensitive or critical designs, and then have the pieces manufactured by our fabricators.

After cable installation, it is Chriscom's policy to test every jack for continuity and correct pairing . We also have state-of-the-art testing equipment to certify and troubleshoot Category 5, 5E and 6 links, and soon will provide certification testing for the evolving Category 6A (Augmented) standard, which will support transport speeds up to 10Gbps (ten "gigs"). We can supply test reports in electronic format (PDF) or hard copy.


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